AOL integrates Buddy List information with Outlook

I guess I just feel like posting today. Here’s the story, from AP, via Yahoo!.

A free tool AOL is offering beginning Monday integrates “buddy list” information from AOL Instant Messenger with Outlook.

When you receive an e-mail from an AIM member who is online, a yellow “running man” logo appears in the “from” line next to the e-mail address. If you believe a quick chat session might be more appropriate in reply than a series of further e-mails back and forth, clicking on the logo launches the AIM software for you.

Apparently the tool will eventually be able to tell you whether or not your colleague is busy, or in a bad mood.

This last bit is interesting:

AOL also announced deals to have similar buddy list information integrated with third-party Web sites. With Thomson Financial, for instance, brokers and sellers will be able to negotiate in real-time through instant messaging. At, prospective employers can contact job seekers instantly.

Can you imagine having an IM conversation with a potential employer?

Employer123: Hello there. I saw your resume on CareerBuilder, and I think you might be a good fit for our company.
Matt6969: who r u
Employer123: My name is Peter Reynolds. I represent Company 123 here in Augusta.
Matt6969: haha aarno i no its u
Matt6969: siriusly stop jokin man
Matt6969: hello
Employer123: Thank you for your time.