New Japanese constitution in the works

Here’s a story on Japan Today about some of the ways in which this new proposed constitution will differ from the existing constitution, which was written by the Allied forces in 1947. Some highlights:

According to its basic concept, a subcommittee of the LDP’s constitutional drafting committee says, “It should be permissible under the law to restrict or ban publication or sale of books that have a detrimental effect on young people’s upbringing’ – an apparent reference to obscene books or videos.

The subcommittee, led by House of Representatives member Hajime Funada, also says in the basic policy stance, “There should be restrictions on forming associations that aim at damaging the state or social order.”

Further, it emphasizes the obligations citizens have to defend the country, protect their families and the environment and respect life, even at the expense of individual freedoms.

Concerning Article 20, which guarantees freedom of religion and bans religious organizations from receiving any privileges from the state and exercising political authority, the subcommittee will propose allowing the authorities to be involved in Shinto ceremonies and fund them from the public purse, “as they belong to accepted social protocol.”

I don’t know enough about politics or law or Japanese history to make any comments. I have some gut reactions, but I feel that voicing them would be unfair.