Another suicide attack.

They’re sending a message to the Iraqi people, that’s for sure.

God, the street is just covered with blood.

Tony Blair responded with rhetoric. I’m sort of amazed that he’s capable of that. I guess I would make a sorry politician, because there’s no way I could talk about this and leave out the terrorists’ side.

It’s obvious why they chose this target. Here are people who are signing up for an “army” put in place by the Evil Westerners. Destroying them must seem perfectly justified.

We can talk about how vile and unconscionable the terrorists’ tactics are until we’re blue in the face–and don’t get me wrong, they are vile–but will this accomplish anything? Won’t people eventually stop caring? “Oh, the terrorists have done it again.” Won’t the words “vile”, “horrible”, “sick” start losing their meaning?

Is there some way the world leaders can approach this, without giving the terrorists any justification for their crimes, that could lead to a dialogue about better ways of stopping terror? Isn’t there some way we can show the people of Arab nations that they can get what they want without the use of terror tactics?

Or are we just too different?

There are things I disagree with going on in this country, but the farthest I’d go is civil disobedience, because I believe that at its core, our system is functional and should be preserved. I guess this might not be the case elsewhere…

But we are all human beings. We are all capable of evil. What is it that drives people past the point of no return? Can’t something be done about it?