Biking makes me feel better

Yesterday I didn’t want to come to work. I’d felt that way since the previous night. Stayed up too late, in fact; I probably subconsciously was hoping I’d be too tired to make it in. But I had to be here, because Robert’s in Boston for the rest of the week, and no one else is available this early in the morning. So…I rode my bike.

Biking gave me the energy to stay at work and even to be cheerful.

This morning, while my feeling of not wanting to come to work wasn’t as great, I still would rather have stayed in bed. When I started to ride, it was cold, and the wind seemed to cut right through my jacket. I wondered if I should turn around, take my bike back upstairs, change, and just drive.

But I didn’t.

I rode, and as I rode my body warmed itself. I had the bike in 2nd and 3rd gear for most of the ride…which means my legs are getting stronger. I felt comfortable, and I was never really winded, and the cool morning air sharpened my senses. Right now my earlobes are so stiff it feels like I’m wearing heavy earrings ;>

But I feel good. I’m glad I biked, yesterday and today. I hope the weather permits me to do so tomorrow, too…and next week, and the week after that….