I’m not normally a huge fan of the “rants” of webcomic authors. The two main exceptions are Penny Arcade, whose rants I devour, and PvP, which occasionally has something that strikes me as brilliant. Otherwise, I’ll only read the rant if it’s right below the comic and I’m bored, or if I’m trying to figure out why in hell the comic hasn’t updated yet ;>

But as I read Chris Baldwin’s reasons for not updating Bruno today, I was touched.

Good lord, i am not batting a thousand lately.

Short story, I got the flu, started on Saturday, and it’s kept up. I’ve missed the last two days of work, lying about in a general usueless state. Somehow I managed to keep Bruno up since then, but not today. Instead, enjoy a picture of a bus.

And dream of travels, to places that remind you of spring, of love, of desire, of happiness. And you may also dream that you dont have to take the bus to get there.

It’s rough, and unrevised, and there are typos. But somehow…it’s beautiful. That last paragraph, that blessing, it’s just poetic. And the added jibe about buses at the end is comforting in its simple mirth.

It made me realize that we don’t bless each other enough.

So to all of you, I’d like to extend Chris’ blessing, and one of my own: May you find comfort, and family, and home, in unexpected and delightful places.