Sometimes there are things I think are worth commenting on, but I don’t feel like posting for whatever reason, so I end up not linking them. Then, later, I want to find the thing I thought was cool, and realize that I never posted it, so I can’t find it in my blog archives. Kind of annoying, given that I use this blog as the Compendium of Me.

So, even though I’m not in the mood, here are some stories.

First, teaching your child sign language may save your life.

Second, two entertainment stories: 1) CG animation is pretty costly and that’s why it hasn’t made a huge impact on television programming. ReBoot is mentioned, rightly so, which is why I think the article is cool. 2) Here’s a piece about Terry O’Quinn, one of my favorite actors. And no, AJ, I haven’t watched any Lost yet. I have started watching a new anime called Bleach, though ;P