Oh, my god.

Check out this email sent to Hanzi Smatter by a guy named Julian Grybowski:

Now that that contract has expired, these first 67 episodes [of Dragonball Z] are being released uncut with Japanese and English audio, and the trailer on the page linked above reflects that. But therein lies the rub.

All of the Japanese text is complete gibberish, except for the title logo (“Doragonbo-ru Z,” which is correct). This is evident from the very first time the Japanese characters appear. Son Gokuu, whose name uses the same (unsimplified) kanji as “Sun Wukong” (孫悟空) in Chinese, is spelled out as “numahiyu” (ヌマヒユ) in Katakana (one of the two Japanese syllabaries). It only gets worse from there, to the point where the Japanese displayed behind the promotional phrases (“Original Uncut Japanese,” etc.) is just long strings of absolute nonsense.

I had to watch the trailer to see it for myself. Holy shit. I am just…incredulous.

As Julian puts it:

Japanese is not English written in some “secret code,” and a company that is playing up the Japanese aspect of its releases should know better than to use pretend Japanese to promote it.

Just…wow. I guess FUNimation has a pretty low opinion of its customers…