Hunter S. Thompson: twisted, egomaniacal piece of shit

I didn’t even know who the guy was until bloggers everywhere began mourning his suicide. After finding out more about him, I’m not really sorry to be so “uncultured”.

Take this, for example:

The widow of journalist Hunter S. Thompson said her husband killed himself while the two were talking on the phone.


His son, daughter-in-law and 6-year-old grandson were in the house when the shooting occurred.

So, he thought that it was so important that he go out with a bang that he didn’t bother to think about his family, his grandson. Or maybe he thought it would be “cool” to have his family in the house when he died. Sure, that’s fine, if you die naturally. What kind of sick bastard kills himself with his wife on the phone and his child and grandchild in the next room? With a gun? Blowing his brains and blood all over the room for a six year old child to find? It’s obvious that the only thing this man cared about was himself. God, just thinking about this man’s utter disregard for his family disgusts me.

Of course, his wife could only react with guilt and self-judgment, like many an abused woman:

Anita Thompson, 32, said her husband had discussed killing himself in recent months and had been issuing verbal and written directives about what he wanted done with his body, his unpublished works and his assets.

His suicidal talk put a strain on their relationship, she said.

“He wanted to leave on top of his game. I wish I could have been more supportive of his decision,” she said. “It was a problem for us.”

“I wish I could have been more supportive of his decision”?! Jesus Christ!