I want to have a Girls’ Day party!

It would be so much fun!

Here’s an article on JapaneseFood.About.com about Hina-Matsuri. I want to try the food!

  • Chirashi-zushi – sashimi (raw fish) and colorful toppings on sushi rice.
  • Ushio-jiru – clam soup
  • Sakura-mochi – sweet rice cake
  • Hina-arare – colorful pop rice *order or buy at Asian grocery stores near you.

I know I can get chirashi (8 or 10 pieces) at Mikoto, but I guess I would have to make the clam soup and rice cake. It could be fun, though :) (I could also make the chirashi, if I was feeling particularly daring.)

I’ve also been wanting to do a traditional Japanese New Year’s meal, packed in a jubako. They’re so pretty! Maybe next year…

And, of course, I also want to start eating bento for lunch :>