As you know (maybe), I’ve been trying to finish uploading my Japan pictures from the 2001 trip to smugmug. Captioning the Takayama pictures made me really want to go back to that isolated mountain city, so tonight I started looking on japaneseguesthouses.com to see if there was a nice ryokan there to stay in. (Sean and I used that site to book all our hotels for our honeymoon; it was very easy and convenient, and I recommend it to anyone thinking of vacationing in Japan.)

Much to my surprise, I found a ryokan that I had taken a picture of back in 2001! I recognized it by the distinctive canopy I had just written a caption about the other day. Here’s my picture, and here’s the link on japaneseguesthouses.com (scroll to the bottom for the picture of the outside).

So, now I know that that building is Tanabe Ryokan. Cool!