Site upgrade status update!


So, WordPress 1.5 is out. It’s a good thing I didn’t get very far with my CSS style, because everything has changed! Now the styles are called “Themes“, and they incorporate different looks for different aspects of the blog. All in all it appears to be a good change, but as everything is very new I am having trouble finding a decent theme to base mine on. Very few of the themes people have made so far are even aesthetically pleasing. Some of the ones that are do not render correctly, or have little bugs in them that make Baby Jesus cry. Make my theme from scratch, you say? I may very well have to, but it wouldn’t be my first choice…

I haven’t looked into how the upgrade may or may not affect my Blogger import tool. (I’m afraid!)

In a bit of good news, I discovered today that smugmug has added a “keyword” or “tag” area to its photos, alongside the preexisting “caption” box. Now I have absolutely no reason to use Flickr, which is something of a relief because I didn’t want to pay for two image hosting services!