Changes over at my photo page

I spent an inordinate amount of time this evening/morning adding keywords and correcting old ones in my various galleries. When I first started using keywords in smugmug, I did silly things because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to categorize my pictures yet. An example: I put “syuusuke“, “canal“, and “trail” on every single one of my Augusta Canal pictures, even though the pictures didn’t always actually contain my bike, the canal, or the trail. Another example: My Japan pictures had a “train” category assigned to all pictures taken while I was on the train, which I think is misleading, because if I click on a category called “train”, I expect to see pictures of trains. So, I changed that category name to “rail“, and then put “train” in wherever there was a picture of an actual train–although I may have missed some :/

While I was in there, I also reorganized some galleries. The biggest change is the fact that I got rid of the “Friends” category, which contained photos from Dawn and Sam’s visit last September. I moved those galleries into my “Exploring” (for the pictures from when we were in Augusta) and “Travel” (for the pictures from the day we went to Savannah) sections.

I tried to put the keyword “me” on all pictures of myself, but smugmug didn’t like that for some reason (maybe it uses “me” for the “This Is Me!” photo), so I used “moi” instead. I also updated my bio.

Hopefully everything makes sense and is easy to find. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I still need to assign keywords and captions to quite a few photos, but that’s a project for another time.