Springtime Made in the South, plus FOOD!

I celebrated losing another pound by eating two platefuls of sinful Southern breakfast treats at

Golden Corral

and a hugeass roast turkey leg for lunch.

omg coronary


I met up with Mari and her parents at Golden Corral at 8:30 or so this morning. Chris showed up when I was finishing off my second and last plate. A good and fattening time was had by all.

After that, Chris headed out to watch a movie, and Mari’s dad went…somewhere, and I drove my car back to my apartment, and then Mari and her mom showed up in Mari’s car, and we all rode together downtown for Springtime Made in the South. (Musical cars!)

There were two booths I wanted to visit at the show. I’d seen them at Christmas Made in the South. One was the lacquerware booth where I’d purchased Brooke’s Christmas present and a nice little black box with pink detailwork for myself. The other was a stand with art made with seahorses, sand dollars, and starfish. Wanda bought me a nice piece from there which is now hanging in my bathroom.

Unfortunately, neither of those vendors was present!

I did see a beautiful octagonal glass box with a mirrored bottom. The glass and mirror were beveled, and the glass panels also had pictures carved on them. It was all held together with what appeared to be brass. For $30, I figured it was pricy but worth it, but the lady didn’t take credit cards. I thought about going to the ATM and then going back to get it. Ultimately, though, I chose to save my money. After all, Sean and I just spent $2000 on chairs.

I also saw some really nice necklaces and earrings. Most of the jewelry booths were overpriced, but the stuff I really liked was reasonable–$18 for a gorgeous necklace and earrings set. I was so close to buying it. I probably should have.

Other than that, nothing really caught my eye this time around. I did buy an elastic hair clip thing from Mari’s “scarf people“, because they put my hair up in it and it actually stayed and I really need to do more with my hair, but that’s it.

After we were done shopping, we headed to Broad Street to find some lunch. Rain pelted us as we ran to the car, but it didn’t last long and was only drizzling when we got out again. We’d planned to go to Tap Tap, a tacos and tapas place, but it was closed, so we went next door.

I can’t remember the restaurant’s name. It’s in the space where the Dessert Shop used to be (click here to see some old pictures ;P), and it’s medieval-themed, with banners, swords, paintings of dragons, and chairs shaped like thrones. They serve some normal things, like sandwiches, soups, and baked potatoes, and they also serve…huge roasted turkey legs.

me and Mari

It was a fun day. But I was dead on my feet at that point. Mari’s dad came to pick get her mom, and we all went down to the Dessert Shop’s new location (which is much bigger!), but I didn’t have any dessert. Instead, I sat there and tried not to fall asleep :) Once everyone was finished, we went our separate ways, and Mari drove me home. I pretty much fell into bed immediately, and slept until around 10:30pm…at which point I got up and started working on my photo page. So now you know what I was doing all day!

Aaaaaaaaand it’s about time to head back to bed. I enjoyed today and yesterday, and hopefully I’ll get plenty of rest tomorrow so I can be recharged for Monday. Lots of work to get done next week.