Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to mention.

  1. I found something for Kristanne to go see this fall.
  2. Today’s Japanese lesson on is entitled “Expressions of Desire“. Heheheheheheh…
  3. I wanted to note how this is just like an episode of Friends, but Miss Em totally beat me to it! Grr…
  4. Sid weighed in on Koizumi’s flirting with Richard Gere. Unfortunately, the video he linked seems to have been removed…
  5. Wes had some interesting thoughts last week about poverty and personal responsibility.
  6. Slashdot brings news of a new bookmark service. I’m kind of having trouble understanding the point, since it seems to look and act just like I mean, I assume the underlying code is different somehow, but why copy the UI? That seems lame. (Granted, the layout and colors and fonts are far more visually appealing…)
  7. Tampons are an essential part of every aquatic robot.
  8. Barcode babies in Britain!
  9. Recent events in China beg the question: how real is the stuff you buy in online games? As the wife of someone who spent US dollars on spell materials, I can tell you that the transactions are very, very real. However, I hesitate at calling the items “property”. I think the issue should be examined more as a quality of life thing. The point of gaining items in games is to improve the experience (better weapons => higher level => cooler quests). What was sold here is therefore not easily replaceable. You can’t (necessarily) go out and buy another one. It takes time and trouble to gain items and levels. I’m not sure what good compensation would be.

And that’s it for the stuff I’ve been keeping new in Bloglines and bookmarking for “later”. Enjoy :>