Astronomers Receive Outer Space S.O.S.: Radio Telescopes Detect Alien SOS from Extrasolar Planet

I pulled something like this once :D Though not nearly as large in scope. I removed the home page and replaced it with something very glaringly pink, and posted that I was changing into a fansite. (I can’t remember what kind of fansite now. Something girly. I’ll see if I can dig up the graphic I made when I get home.) There was this girl(?) in the community at the time who kept pestering me about whether or not it was a joke. I would always flatly say that no, there was no more AMRN, this was my decision, it really was going to be a fansite from now on.

She should have known I would lie until the next day! Boy, was she ever pissed at me. That was awesome ;D

(For those of you who remember, this is the girl who claimed to be 1) building a Gundam in her parents’ garage; 2) possessed by a demon who was forcing her to work towards the complete annihilation of the human race via nanotechnology; 3) psychic.)

Anyway…I wish we really did receive a transmission from aliens. An SOS would be bad, though, as we would be completely unable to help.

(I like that he added legitimacy by posting it early and stating that it actually came from Australia, but if you think about it, it won’t be 12:13 AM in Melbourne for another hour and ten minutes…;>)

Update 6:40 pm: It was a “Chibi Chibi Fansite”. Here‘s a link to the post I made on the AMRN about it, and my subsequent redaction. (Note that the Administrator account used to belong to Sean, and it used to have a huge Chibi Chibi picture in it ;>) Here’s the top banner I created:


And this is the image I tiled in the background:

Yes…sooooo evil.