Is Websnark over?

It seems the majority of Eric Burns’ recent posts have been of the “I don’t have anything for you today” meme (often with the added information of “I’m sick” or “I’m tired”). Meanwhile, we get odd blatherings from his new co-conspirator, Wednesday White, that are random and only tenuously related to “snarking”. Her entries read more like something that ought to be on a personal blog than “webcomic criticism”. (The fact that I don’t really care for her writing doesn’t help, I suppose.)

It makes me feel like Eric brought Wednesday on board because he doesn’t have the drive to snark anymore. He wanted her to pick up the slack because he knew there would be slack. He’s being pulled in eleventy different ways, and the more enticing ways are getting the majority of his attention. Right now, it would seem that he’s most enthralled with his new webcomic, Gossamer Commons (which, I’m sad to say, does not intrigue me…the pacing of the intro did not make me want to keep reading, and I unfortunately am not a fan of the art style).

So I wonder if this is it for me and Eric Burns. Maybe he will calm down after a few weeks–his comic did just launch, after all–and things will go back to “normal”. But maybe he’s chosen (in his heart, where it counts for an artist) to move on…in which case, I will be sorry to see Websnark go. I’ve never posted over there, but I’ve always enjoyed reading.