Well, I thought I’d do a little more work on shifting my template over, but all I’ve really been doing is laying out the design for the sidebar boxes in a Word doc. Not that that’s inconsequential, but it would be nice if I had gotten something more high profile done, like the footer, or the archive pages, or whatnot. Oh well.

I keep wanting to eat, and I’m not getting anything accomplished, so what I think I’ll do is brush my teeth, get changed for bed, make lunches for tomorrow, and then read some Thomas Covenant until I feel sleepy. The first day of my last two weeks at my soon-to-be former job is tomorrow! (Speaking of which, in a joint celebration of that and of my bone marrow birthday [which was Friday], I went out to dinner at Mikoto with Sean, Mari, Brooke, and Chris last night. Yuuuuuum. I had so much foodfun. ;D)