Cory Doctorow linked today to the most hysterical thing. Holy crap, I love this.

The headlining piece, the theme from Ghostbusters, is pure gold.

  • Things I ain’t afraid of:
    • no ghost
  • Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
    • seeing things running through head
    • invisible man sleeping in bed
  • Things that make me feel good:
    • bustin’
  • Who you gonna call:
    • Ghostbusters
    • I can’t hear you
    • Louder

However, I about died when I read the one for We Will Rock You:

  • Things which, buddy, you are:
    • a boy
      • make a big noise
    • a young man
    • hard man
    • an old man
    • poor man
      • pleading with your eyes
  • Activities you are performing:
    • in the street:
      • playing
      • shouting
    • all over the place:
      • kicking your can
      • waving your banner
  • Things which you, being a big disgrace, have got on your face:
    • mud
    • blood
  • Things which you will some day do:
    • be a big man
    • take on the world
    • make you some peace
  • Places back into which somebody better put you:
    • yours
  • Things which we will rock:
    • you

And check this one out:

  • Things which I will do for love:
    • Anything
  • Things which I will not do for love:
    • That