Health and life update

So on Saturday, I rode for about an hour and a half, and walked my bike for an additional twenty minutes or so. (More details on that ride to come.) Yesterday, I went riding at the Greeneway with Brooke for about an hour. And this morning, I decided to bike to work.

Right now my legs are sobbing, “What have I done to deserve this?!”

But I feel great.

My diet finally seems to be back on track. I’m not overeating (at all!) due to burning so many calories. I finally went grocery shopping yesterday, too, which will help. (Sean was kind enough to help with the laundry so I could go to the store.) I may be close to getting over that big hurdle…getting past the weight that really makes me feel big. I will be so happy when that day arrives :>

This is my last week at 2go-Box/Proactive Genetics. Next week, I’m heading to Kentucky for a nice vacation with family :) I have the option of flying for cheap, and I may do it given current gas prices, but I feel the itch to drive. Driving makes a trip seem more real, like I’m truly on an adventure. I’d also like to bring my bike, which I wouldn’t even want to try if I were flying. We’ll see what I decide.