I’m home safe

The drive took about nine hours. I didn’t really stop much, but I didn’t really exceed the speed limit, either. (Actually, I didn’t go to the bathroom at all, the whole drive. That’s kind of shocking.)

Anyway, I’m back home in Augusta now.

As I was driving I had all kinds of thoughts that I wanted to share, and I kept thinking it would be cool if I signed up for an audioblogging service that I could call with my cell phone, so I could make posts when I wasn’t near a computer. I am such a nerd.

One of the thoughts was just that it was so beautiful out. It was rainy (intermittent rain for most of the drive), and water was cascading down those beautiful shale/limestone shelf cliffs that you see all along I-75 in Kentucky. Mist had alighted on the tree-covered hills, and everything was just so green. I didn’t take any pictures (I was driving, you know), but I sort of wish I had.

I had a thought that I want desperately to remember because it was just so weird–I remember that I was hoping something for someone who either I don’t know personally, or who is a fictional character, and I went off on a long tangent about it, and then thought, “I like to make up stories about everything.” At the career advising interview I went to, the counselor focused on my personality and what kind of jobs I would like, and to do that I had to take the Keirsey sorter yet again. I remembered one of the questions being something about speculating in great detail internally versus noticing everything around me (introvert vs. extravert), and I thought about how true the former is for me. I tend to be oblivious to details that don’t have any direct relation to what I’m doing; the rest of my mind is fully occupied with its own amusement.

I also thought about my parents, how they were both standing in the doorway smiling at me when I went out to my car, filled with so much love. And then how Dad went to move his truck out of my way so I wouldn’t have to back around it, and Mom smiled and waved adoringly from the doorway. It made me tear up. I love them both so much. They are such wonderful people.