32-year-old acts like 5-year-old

I think the real reason this upsets me is because on Saturday morning, when I got up at 6 am to get ready to drive home, my sweet father said, “They found that girl! She was kidnapped, but she somehow got away and was able to call the police. Finally, some good news for a change!”

Of course, the expense to the local police, the Albuquerque police, and the FBI also annoys me. But that pales compared to how she effectively betrayed the feelings of my father, the feelings of the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who searched for her and watched helplessly on TV for updates on her story. Those people cared with all their hearts. It’s obvious that Jennifer Wilbanks didn’t care at all.

Wilbanks decided to call her fiance and police with the story about the kidnapping when she found herself broke in Albuquerque, according to authorities.

“Oh, gee, I’ve run out of money. Let me get home at taxpayer expense. That’s what the government’s there for, right?” Not even a thought about all the people who were worrying about her…even though she, like a moron, fled her home without telling anyone where she was going.

I guess this proves that age has little to no connection to maturity.