The danger of overestimation

As I was making my agenda for the day, I thought, “Don’t plan too much. If you don’t get some of it done, you don’t want to get disillusioned, and then never work on any of it.”

Well, I didn’t do any writing, photography, or studying of Japanese today.

I did get the laundry done, and the dishes done.

I spent most of the rest of my time websurfing, most notably reading the Boy Meets Boy archives. (Snerk.) I also made dinner, which is good.

But I’m thinking, it would have been nice to have at least done one of the important projects. So, for tomorrow, I will resolve to work on one of them, and not worry about the others. That at least will limit the excuses I might have for not starting any of it, like “Oh, it’s 9 pm, I don’t have time to do all that stuff I was going to do today, so I’ll just write a whiny post about it and go back to reading about gay boys.”

To be fair to me, Sean is working his 6 to 3 shift this week, and that means he gets home at an ungodly early hour. Right now he’s asleep in the bedroom, which is where I’d planned to do my writing. He’s been there pretty much since we got back from doing our taxes. I know that I could write in here, but I’d rather do it in a place without all the usual distractions.

Also, my Japanese materials are in the bedroom.

And it’s too dark for photography. At least, photography with my current camera.

So I’m going to give up on it for today, and resolve to start one of my projects EARLY tomorrow when I get up.