This is sad

Check out this story on BoingBoing.

A Boing Boing reader […] designed a website for a restaurant called Windows On the Bay. The client had not yet given him the copy for the site, so he filled the page with what he describes as “incredibly overblown, remarkably pretentious text.”

He says the client ended up using the copy!

I feel sorry for Windows on the Bay. Not only are they dumb enough to use ridiculous copy, but they are stuck with the most hideous website known to creation.

Seriously, that thing breaks pretty much every unwritten rule of web design! It has a wave file on autoloop, the background image interferes with the text, and it’s in frames for god’s sake! Also, the site is extraordinarily ugly–all one color, so there’s no focal point; menu graphics with backgrounds that don’t match the page background; graphics disingenuously incorporated with text in a boring font; a strip of green (grass?) along the bottom for no apparent reason…the list goes on and on. (And to make matters worse, there are typos in the copy!)

All in all, a sad situation for Windows on the Bay.