All the News That’s Fit to Print Interesting to Me

Via Global Voices Online, it’s Iraqi women bloggers! Think any of them might make it to BlogHer? (I still wanna go, btw.)

Via Slashdot, Ebert’s review of that movie I’m seeing tonight. So, you know, I’m not actually going to read the review. I’ll come back to it tomorrow ;>

Tian would like everyone to be able to wear customized sneakers. Customized “crazy diarrhea” sneakers. Yes!

Update on the piano man:

Italian police reported that Polish mime artist Dariusz Dydymski had approached them claiming the pianist – found wandering, distraught and soaking wet on the Isle of Sheppey in southeast England on April 7 – is Steven Villa Masson, a pianist with whom he worked in the French resort of Nice.

But if he’s a mime, how did he explain everything?!

Parents in Japan are up in arms over violence and immorality in TV shows.

In particular, parents cited “London Boots’ Love Aid Variety” and the “Kureyon Shinchan” animated cartoon for their violent and immoral themes and said they did not want their children to watch the programs. Both of these shows are aired by TV Asahi.

I had no idea that Crayon Shin-chan was still airing o_o

The article goes on with the following non-sequitur:

Some 70 percent of the fifth graders and 83 percent of the second-year junior high school children have used the Internet.

I guess TV and the Internet are similar…