Home after my first day of interning

Well, here I am. It turns out that they found someone with far more experience than me, so rather than working Wed-Fri, I’ll be working every Thursday, 8-5. This is actually good, because that means I’ll be more attractive to people who actually pay money. (Being available “every day but Thursday” is also much easier to explain.)

As my previous post indicated, I spent the day learning Illustrator. I now have a reasonable idea of what I’m doing in there, but there are things I know I didn’t learn simply because I don’t know about them. In other words, all the stuff graphic artists learned in college about design. Tomorrow will be spent poring over design books and attempting to teach myself how to design graphics.

If there was one thing I was afraid would happen when I came in today, it was that they’d ask me to create a logo. Well, guess what? :> As I taught myself Illustrator, I applied what I was learning and created four logo designs, but they were very primitive. Don’t get me wrong, they looked good (very good, compared to a craptacular design I found on the computer that I can only assume was created by another intern). But they were totally dependent on the fonts. That’s how I’ve always designed logos/website title graphics/etc. Obviously, I didn’t learn anything new in that area.

But! Once I’ve gone through some books, and I’ve messed with Illustrator some more, I think I will actually be able to draw a logo.

Won’t that be cool?