Kiss me, I’m 27!

I always joke that I’m getting old, but I don’t really think of it that way. I certainly don’t feel “old”. Old is something I’ll be when I’m 100. Certainly not twenty-seven, as I am as of 31 minutes ago. (Or as of whenever I was actually born.)

I’ve already celebrated my birthday a little. As you saw, my mom sent me beautiful flowers on Friday (I imagine because most places are closed today for Memorial Day). On Saturday, I met up with Mari for biking, and then we met up with Brooke at Kinja for sushi. Mari treated me, and Brooke gave me some beautiful pink flowers.

It was so nice to be out with both of them again, and to enjoy Kinja’s fantastic sushi. Really, their maguro nigiri was superb. Getting it delivered or picking it up from Mikoto has been convenient, but having it made in front of you and eating it fresh is really the way to go. Aside from the tuna, I had miso soup, unakyu (eel rolls), salmon steak rolls, and inari (sweet soybean nigiri). Soooo delicious. After we finished I raided Kinja’s little grocery section and found some mochi ice cream in the freezer, so we bought that and split it among us. Mmmmm.

Today, Sean is going to take me out. Somewhere. I don’t really know where yet. We might do Kurama, since we have a gift certificate. I hope we can also go to Riverwalk or someplace pretty to just spend some time together.

This coming Saturday, I’m going to have my actual party. I’m tentatively planning a picnic, followed by bowling. I’m not sure if I want to have the picnic at a park, or at the Canal (the snakes are kind of a deterrent), or if I want to just call it a pool party and do it at the apartment clubhouse, where we can cook out on the grills and eat at picnic tables. The latter might be the most convenient, if I can make sure the apartment office is okay with me having a few people there. (You watch–they’ll ask for money ;P)

In any event, I’m really looking forward to it. I love doing stuff with people, and being outdoors. I’m also looking forward to bowling again, because I haven’t been in a long time. Actually, I think the last time I went was for my 26th birthday!

I think birthdays are something to celebrate no matter how old you are. Once you become an adult, it’s less about your age and more about the fact that you were born at all. That’s reason enough for anyone to celebrate! So next year, I’m hoping to organize a trip to Myrtle Beach. I’d like to stay in a house on or near the beach, and have all my friends come up. That would be so nice. Hopefully I’ll land a good job this year so I can afford to do that. (Of course, around that same time next year we’ll be buying a house of our own, so it might not be in the cards. We’ll just have to see!)

I leave you with this picture of the awesome wireless keyboard and mouse Sean got for me: