Sometimes we get upset over the silliest things.

After shifting the laundry from the washer to the dryer, I moved the basket from the top of the dryer so I could clean the lint filter. There, lying right across the rectangular spot where the filter pulls out, was my FlyLady featherduster.

My first reaction was a spike of annoyance. Obviously Sean had put the duster there, because that isn’t where it goes. Why would he put it there? I groused. How does that make any sense?

And then I stopped. Why, I countered, would Sean say, “Hmm, where does this duster go? Oh, the most logical thing is obviously to lie it across the tupperware.” Because, you know, whenever anyone sees a shelf stacked with tupperware, they automatically think, “Where’s the featherduster?”

The whole thing gave me a good chuckle.