Kaikan AngstPhrase

I’m watching a new (to me) anime called Kaikan Phrase. It’s about rock bands, and the angsty teenagers who populate them. I’m having soooo much fun MTS3King it :D

For example, when Santa (yes, his name’s Santa) and Yuki ask the surly loner piano player to be the vocalist in their new band, they give him a minidisc and ask him to listen to it. He goes home and tosses his jacket on the floor, and when he hears the disc clack inside, he gets this horrible look on his face. Then he throws the disc into the garbage and leaves the room.

“I hate bands!” I cried, raising a shaking fist.

Later, the guy Santa-tachi are courting to be the bass player is with his current band, about to sign a record deal. “They only want us for our looks!” he complains in the elevator to the other band mambers.

“Yeah, but that’s a part of us,” one of the other guys says. “We’re not just sound.”

The bassist then gazes up, a mournful, wistful look on his bishounen face.

“But I’m a musician!” I intoned, and dissolved into giggles.