Wow, bicycling naked. That’s…dangerous. (Here’s a reference to some more naked protesting. Don’t you think the shock factor of nudity is pretty much nonexistent by now?)

How’d you like to have the father of innovative video games on a T-shirt?

This article’s title is better than anything I could come up with: Japan’s Middle-Aged Men Start to Preen. I also like this quote: “Mr. Company President is sexy!” (I wonder if that’s “社長さんはセクシー”?)

Speaking of good quotes, here’s a funny one from Global Voices Online: “A Welsh View points to how to buy a pint of Guinness. I’m not sure why a Welsh site points to a Swedish site for instructions on how to order an Irish beer–perhaps we can blame globalization.”

Global Voices Online also links to a comparison of a new Japan-China-Korea history textbook to the recently-approved Japanese history textbook that has Asia up in arms. (At this point, I’d like to link to a few Japundit articles on the subject: one, two, three.) It would be interesting to see this new book compared to China’s own textbooks…

Slashdot links to an article about “a subject often pondered by Star Wars fans: what is it like to watch the six films in order with a fresh perspective?” It’s actually not as thorough as I would have hoped for, but it is interesting!