Today’s clever turn of phrase

I like to highlight writing I enjoy, and I’ve been thinking that I should make a regular “column” for that. Or something. (When I switch to WordPress, I’ll at least have a category for it.)

Today I’d like to mention the following, from Goei’s most recent piece:

of course andres and i went on a $40 shopping spree, buying soda, sour fruit gushers, animal crackers, a cd for kristy, a father’s day card, a pack of bubble yum, and a pack of intriguing ‘energy gum’. it turns out that 2 pieces have the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. when combined with the rest of the listed items, it forms a sort of teenage ambrosia.

I like how the rather mundane list is sublimated by two very evocative concluding words. Nice.