Two funny webcomic thingies

David Willis’ response to Eric Burns’ “The David Willis Sequential Art Derivation Principle” (Willis, Willis, Willis, Willis. Willis. Willis?) is nothing less than spectacular.

Seriously, I can’t stand how everyone in webcomics is ripping me off. Sluggy? I came up with that in sixth grade after making a poop that looked like a rabbit. Penny-Arcade? Just like Shortpacked!, but it’s about video games. Real smooth, Tycho. I remember when I told Bobby Crosby that his Halloween pumpkin looked like a little orange dog. Scott McCloud came up with the idea for micropayments based on a “Stupidest ideas ever” rant I posted on Usenet in 1994. To top it off, I’ve been ghost-writing Websnark for years. Why do you think It’s Walky! made it into the “Had me and lost me” category? Oh, yeah, I was really sad about that. Really sad about my comic being permanently linked on the front page!. You have no idea how much traffic that drove to me.


In other news, today’s Help Desk points out something really, really funny. I have watched the Mac-Intel drama unfold across various news sites, and I have to say that I think Derik Delong’s responses have been the most internally consistent.