Touch is winding down

I just watched episode 93 today. Eight episodes to go.

I imagine that the following will occur:

  1. Meisei will make it to the Koushien.
  2. Minami and Tatsuya will overcome the issues that are keeping them apart, and become a couple.
  3. Kashiwaba will overcome his traumatic past and turn into the great person he is inside. He will reconcile with his brother, and see Meisei become the champion under his watch. (In a way, he will have kept the promise to his brother, only years later!)
  4. Tatsuya and Nitta Akio will have some sort of climactic rival battle. I think they will probably be fairly evenly matched, and it’ll be pretty intense, but in the end Tatsuya will have to pull through–otherwise Meisei won’t go to the Koushien. (It’s too bad that Meisei and Sumi can’t both go.)

I doubt that the show will progress so far as Tatsuya and Minami’s graduation from high school. It doesn’t seem like there is enough time to even cover the Koushien. I’m expecting that the show will end with all of the above resolved nicely just before a silhouetted shot of the team marching out of the lower levels of the Koushien stadium and into the bright, sun-lit field. Then the screen will fade to white and the show will be over. (Maybe Kazuya’s smiling face will appear?)

I would like to know what ends up happening to them after high school, though. Will Tatsuya go pro? Will Minami continue gymnastics, or become a doting wife? What will Harada do? :>

Of lesser concern, but still something I would like to see, is Nitta the Younger getting a personality transplant. God, she is such a bitch. I hate her so much. She doesn’t deserve that one kid’s affections, but I imagine what will happen is she will come to appreciate him, and they will live happily ever after.

However it all turns out, though, I’m definitely looking forward to watching it.

Only eight more episodes. Man, it’s been a good run.