Touch spoiler (it’s just too cool not to mention!)

I watched episode 95 yesterday, and will watch 96 shortly. Something very very cool happened in episode 95 re: the redemption of Kashiwaba.

Coach Nishio showed up, recovered from his collapse. It was looking like the gig was up; Kashiwaba wouldn’t have the chance to exact his revenge after all.

But Nishio said he wasn’t coming back to coach the team. He said he wasn’t a good coach; that because of him, many players had left the team without realizing their true potential; that Kashiwaba had gone further than he’d thought possible; and that it took a real coach to get to the Koushien.

Then he said:

“I’m counting on you, Kashiwaba Eijirou.”


I literally gasped and clapped my hands over my heart. “He knows!” I cried. “He knows!”

Now, it’s all in Kashiwaba’s hands…!


  1. Indeed, I was just watching the episode. Afterwards I googled around and yours was the first hit, haha. Talk about a late reply.

    – Michael

  2. I love that people are still discovering Touch. It's an amazing show. I hope more and more people watch it!

    I have also enjoyed other anime based on Adachi's manga. The latest is Cross Game; it's been really nice to see Adachi's style animated in a shiny modern way ;)

    I think Touch is the winner so far, though.

  3. Hmm, I probably disagree with you on that. As much as I like Adachi and all I think Touch was the weakest of his three baseball series. Cross Game being my favorite followed closely by H2.

    The reason I watched the anime/read the manga was because I'm a big baseball fan and wanted more baseball anime. :)

    Don't get me wrong though, I've now finished watching all 101 eps and watched both the sequels. For my taste there was too much romance and not enough baseball in Touch.

    Major is definitely my personal favorite when it comes to baseball series.

    – Michael

  4. I am really liking Cross Game, but it's too early for me to say whether I like it better than Touch. (I haven't read the manga.)

    I've only seen the live action H2. I should get the anime…

    The other Adachi series I've seen are Hiatari Ryokou and Miyuki, and neither of those grabbed me the way Touch did. To be fair, no one's finished subbing either of those, so I haven't seen much of them either.

    However, I am far more interested in characters and relationships than I am in baseball, so we will probably disagree regardless :D

  5. Yup, you're right I mainly watch it for the sports :). If you enjoy characters you should probably take a look at Aishiteru ze Baby, Skip Beat and Suzuka.

    – Michael

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