A few more news items

Lynda Carter talks about her feelings towards acting in Sky High, Disney’s blatant rip-off of Robert Kirkman‘s Invincible. (Okay, I don’t know that it’s a rip-off, but you have to admit the setup is similar, and anyway Kirkman’s married to my sister-in-law’s best friend, so you know where my loyalties lie.)

Somebody’s planting trees! Secretly!

Blondie is set to celebrate 75 years of Dagwood sandwiches. Well, sort of. Actually, Dagwood wasn’t a major character until he and Blondie fell in love in 1932. So…73 years of Dagwood sandwiches, we can assume.

When the strip debuted on September 8, 1930, its heroine was Blondie Boopadoop, who was pretty and single. Dagwood was the playboy son of a railroad tycoon and one of her several boyfriends.

Blondie was popular at first but interest in a strip about rich characters declined as the Depression spread.

In 1932, Chic Young had Blondie and Dagwood fall in love. They were married in 1933, but Dagwood’s parents disapproved of Blondie and disinherited him, forcing him to go to work and live a middle class life.

Boopadoop = Best. Name. Ever.

Local officials want to tax already cripplingly expensive downtown Augusta real estate in order to pay for cleanup and improvement efforts. Good idea? Bad idea? I have no idea, myself.