I’m a little unsettled by that female android

It doesn’t bother me that androids designed to appear human are being created. At this point, I kind of feel like that’s inevitable. I’m more concerned by the fact that it’s a woman being emulated…and the fact that that seems perfectly natural to me.

Somehow, a male android would be boring and pointless. Somehow, it just makes sense to make it a woman. What is that mentality? Is because women are “prettier”? Is it because their traditional role has been “help-meet”? Is it because the market for realistic androids will probably be Japanese guys who can’t get dates? (Don’t think I’m just being harsh–have you read about the lifesize doll/lap pillow/chest pillow industries?)

If I was going to get an android to help me around the house, I would probably choose one with the appearance of a female. Why is that? Is it because women are somehow less threatening? Because women’s traditional place is the home? Because I wouldn’t want to make my husband jealous? (Would I then be jealous of the android? ;P)

Blah, gender issues can be so irritating!