Friends stars appearing on Joey?

I haven’t watched a single episode of Joey–I mean come on, a show about my least favorite character? Please–but I would totally tune in if Courteney Cox Arquette’s plans [that link’ll be dead in a week, but oh well] for a Thanksgiving episode come to fruition.

“I can see us coming back together to do something like a Thanksgiving show,” the onetime Monica Geller Bing tells the New York Daily News. “Not a reunion, but, ‘What are the friends doing this Thanksgiving?’ as if they’re always together.”

Cox has even given some thought to the fate of her small-screen alter ego: “Monica and Chandler would come in from the country with their two kids, who are a couple of years old now. I think their story is continuing, even if we’re not watching. I think they see each other every Thanksgiving.”

Man, wouldn’t that be cool?