"London Terror"

Look, CNN has a spiffy graphic for their “London Terror” special section.

Is that ridiculous or what?

You know, I am just really not a fan of how sensationalized our news can be.

By the way, the young man who was wrongly killed by British anti-terror police was shot eight times, not five as previously thought. I am just sick at this whole thing. Sick at the bombings, sick at the attempted bombings, sick at the wrongful death…and sick that there have been bombings in Iraq like every day recently, and so many people keep dying. Is this ever going to be resolved?

There is so much hate, and all it seems to be doing is growing…on both sides. Is there anything we can do? How can we keep children from being indoctrinated into hate? How can we save ourselves from being consumed by it?

How can we stop terrorism?