Horrors of the DMV

Brian Clevinger has written a funny-yet-sad-because-it’s-true account of his trip to the DMV. (Scroll past the comic to see it.) It reminds me of going to get my Georgia license for the first time.

That bit about arriving early, thinking you’ll miss the line? I did that. Except I got there before the place opened, and there was already a line, from the parking lot up the stairs to the locked front door.

Sean and I discovered the truth on a later visit (you know, because I didn’t have the right paperwork the first time)–if you go in the early afternoon, there is like no one there.

Beat the crowds. Don’t try to be smart. ;P

(I’ll be glad when we move to Columbia County, because their government offices are much nicer. I don’t think the lines are necessarily shorter, but at least the overall ambience is pleasant.)