I’m so tired of stupid asshole parents

Father leaves kids in hot SUV

“The vehicle they were in had the windows up, and it was not running,” said Sgt. David Turno, a spokesman for Aiken Public Safety. “The kids had no idea where their father was.”

The temperature outside was in the mid-80s, but with the humidity it felt closer to 95.

Inside the car it likely felt hotter. According to a study conducted at San Francisco State University, temperatures in a closed vehicle can rise by more than 20 degrees in less than 20 minutes.

Luckily, Adam Truesdale, an off-duty deputy with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, was walking in front of the restaurant with his wife, Tara. Deputy Truesdale had just put the couple’s name on the waiting list.

They heard the boys crying and searched the steamy asphalt parking lot. They found the children in the locked SUV and dialed 911.

“When you hear a child screaming for help, you’ve got to help. ” he said.

Thank goodness that deputy was there. I’m glad the kids got to air conditioning quickly, and I’m glad the stupid bastard got caught in the act. The moron. I can’t believe how ignorant and thoughtless people can be. And towards their own children!

People just don’t seem to understand that life is precious. And not just your life. Everybody‘s life. And people don’t get that parenthood is a gift and a responsibility and not something you can do and still think of yourself first. I guess they figure that since it’s so easy to become a parent, it must be easy to be one, too.

Somewhere down the line our lack of proper education or decent communities or something has caused people to stop recognizing the truths of parenting. Or has it always been this way? Have there always been people who killed their own children because they were careless or selfish?

It pisses me off just to think about.

I’m just glad those three boys are safe.