The Congo

Today my cousin Carl writes about Dr. David McAdams and the work he does in the Congo. The details of Carl’s post are really illuminating.

As he explains it now, the city (I apologize that I have forgotten the name of it) he often goes to is like a holy city in that it is left alone by the Mahi-Mahis’ (sp?) and the government and is neutral ground when both have wounded there. This much I’d heard before, the amazing movies he’s made of how horrible the roads are with their four foot pot holes that you have to go down into and drive back up out of, all the bridges in disrepair, the road blocks were what I would have expected of a civil war torn country. He has many pictures and movies of such, so I’d heard of them.

However, it wasn’t until he was having a discussion with Dr. Zeis about the witchcraft used by the Mahi-Mahi’s that I truly was just blown away. These kids of the side of the rebels wear animal skins for druid-esq. transformations and powers. One such power, that David has heard of and even met the man was that in his spirit form he can move so fast he can catch the bullets in his teeth.

The Mahi-Mahi’s set up their road blocks at grave yards and David says when you pull up to stop and offers to shake their hands they will not touch your hands because it would break their spell of animalism. These Mahi-Mahi’s dig up graves and worse, they murder people for their body parts for these kinds of rituals. The children are worse, raised in this, have no moral conscience at all and there are stories of them toting heads of their enemies through towns to show their power and terrify the locals. There is still practice in the Congo of burning people alive.