Kyou Kara Maou 45 = hysterical.

I mean it! Soooooooooooo funny. I laughed out loud many, many times.

However, the plot purpose of this episode seems to have been to confirm that Wolfram is actually falling for Yuuri.

(Not that that needed to be confirmed, I mean come on, we’ve all seen episode 34, right? Where he gives Yuuri his scabbard as he heads off into the duel? [The duel, by the way, in which he uses tsubame gaeshi…] And there was that one episode I can’t find right now where Yuuri asked Wolfram why he was putting his life on the line [or something to that effect], and Wolfram [echoing something ConradGwendal said to him earlier] says, essentially, “That’s something for you to figure out on your own.” In that episode, like this one, Wolfram is too proud to admit his feelings, even though they are blatantly obvious.

(And now I need to end this freaking huge parenthetical.)

Seeing Wolfram’s feelings confirmed once again is…well, sad. Because it doesn’t seem like Yuuri is going to fall for Wolfram anytime soon. While I’ve always enjoyed Wolfram as a character, I used to not like him very much–he’s just a little bratty. :> But he’s grown more and more sympathetic to me with each episode, and it’s going to suck to watch him get his heart broken.

In other news…what was up with Conrad knowing exactly what went on between Wolfram and Elizabeth, and yet not saying a word? His role lately seems to have been chopped down to “guy who stands around and smiles knowingly”.