WJBF needs a copy editor, STAT!

Just read an article about how a Huddle House in Richmond County now has a no-smoking policy. Look at this:

“They were pretty good about it, we had only one made lady who was mad I don’t think she will be back,” said Ross.

This restaurant’s smoking section used to have seven tables but today out came the no smoking signs, the restaurant is totally smoke free, a breath of fresh air for some customers.

” When you find out about you’re health second hand smoke is just as bad as if you were smoking so I’m glad, said Gwen Coker of Augusta.

“I’m happy for the non-smokers because I can’t take smoke bit really just stifles me,” said her aunt Rogerlena Williams of Beech Island.

Other regular customers who smoke says the ban will hurt business in Georgia.

“Usually the tables here are fill a lot of Richmond County workers that are not here today went across the river to eat because they can’t smoke here,” says Rose Warner.

“But those here don’t expect a smoking ban to snuff out the breakfast business.

I think it’s going to pick up I really do,” said Ross.

I’m amazed by how terrible this article is. The quotations are horrendous. You could argue that they were transcribed as spoken, but that doesn’t account for the spelling errors and lack of punctuation. It also doesn’t account for the main text of the article, which is nearly as bad.