Oh, I suppose I should mention that I’m restarting my diet.

After a nice break from being obsessive compulsive about all the food I ate, all the exercise I got, and what my weight and blood pressure were every day, I am ready to get back into the groove. I checked my weight this morning, and it turns out that I didn’t gain anything during my hiatus.

I think this time I will be a little less anal, and only weigh myself once a week. I think that will allow me to chill out more.

As for blood pressure, instead of taking it twice a day and logging it in DietPower, I think I will take it once a week as well, and log it in an Excel spreadsheet. DietPower doesn’t have an export function, so I can’t get a list of my data or make my own graphs, and DietPower’s two-variable graphs, quite frankly, suck. (All they do is put two different Y-axes on the same graph. It’s horribly confusing to look at.)

I may start tracking other variables in the spreadsheet too, like measurements or something, again on a weekly basis.