Uh, err…there’s going to be a Touch live action movie?!

Why wasn’t I informed??????????

Official website, including 30 second trailer

And by the way, yes, I did just watch episode 101, the last one, and yes, I am wanting more more more…here’s hoping Central Anime will sub the movies/specials/whatevers…

Not that it wasn’t a good ending, it just left so many things unresolved. Except the most important thing. Which is good, I suppose.

But I want more!

I just read a plot synopsis of “Touch movie 4” which kind of pisses me off, but eh. I’ll still watch it! Edit 1:03am: No I won’t, ewwww. I just read Hitoshi Doi’s summary. What a worthless piece of crap. There was no point in making a movie like that at all. It’s bad, and it spoils the series anyway, so I’m not going to link to it :P