Operation Read First Three Harry Potter Books over the Weekend: Successful!

Just finished off Azkaban. Now, in order to read the last two by Saturday, given that they are roughly equivalent, I will need to have Goblet of Fire done the night of the 12th or early during the day on the 13th–the earlier the better, as I won’t be able to read nearly as much on the 14th due to my internship. Given my rapid reading so far, that seems like plenty of time…but Goblet of Fire is a hose beast of a book, and Order of the Phoenix is hardly any shorter.

I will go ahead and start Goblet of Fire tonight. (I’m wondering how much longer I will be able to stay up, given that I have been up since 2:30…)

Also accomplished today: biking (which you know about), swimming (which you also know about), dishes, lunch, laundry, and dinner.