That was a nice swim :)

There was no one else in the pool, but luckily there was a guy napping on one of the lounge chairs, so I wasn’t breaking the “no solo bathing” rule ;> I didn’t stay in the water very long–something like fifteen, twenty minutes–and I didn’t swim laps or anything. I just frog-swam underwater, like usual, eyes open, skimming along the bottom until I needed to come up for air, and floated on my back on the surface, letting the currents of the water push me around. The air temperature wasn’t very warm, but the water was. It was nice and relaxing.

Now, having showered, shaved, and put on shorts and my “stunts” tee, I’m off to eat something non-diet threatening and read Azkaban. I’m not sure it’s possible to read the whole thing today, but that’s what I’m shooting for. We’ll see!