I had a really good time (you thought I was going to say I had a blast, didn’t you?) at RiverBlast.

The main reason I was there, of course, was to see the bellydancing:

beginning class

back bend

I also walked around and looked at the booths and attractions a little. My evening ended with a bang (there you go, there’s a pun) with the fireworks set off over the Savannah River from the train bridge.

After having dinner with Mari and Kelly at Wendy’s, Chris and I headed out to see the fireworks from the North Augusta side of the river. We parked along the street near The River Golf Club, then walked down through the riverfront mansions until we found what seemed to be a public boat dock. Heading down the ramp, we settled ourselves towards the bottom–there was a medium-sized group on the dock itself, so we didn’t intrude. From that angle we had a pretty good view of the fireworks.

Ooooooh, ahhhhhh...

While most of my pictures of the fireworks are blurry, a few of them turned out all right, so I uploaded them. I’ve also uploaded pictures of the bellydancing and of the vendor booths. All the RiverBlast pictures can be found here.