Fuel cell-powered car runs on less energy than a lightbulb


An eco-car that can travel the world using a fraction of the electricity it takes to power a light bulb, has been unveiled by its British creators.

According to the British gas firm BOC, its hydrogen-powered BOC Ech2o needs just 25 Watts — the equivalent of less than two gallons of petrol — to complete the 25,000-mile global trip, while emitting nothing more hazardous than water.

But with a top speed of 30mph, the journey would take more than a month to complete, even if the car was driven flat out with no pit-stops.

Just get it up to about 50 or 60 mph. That’s really all I need–my current car tops out at 80, and while that would be nice, ultimately the majority of my driving takes place in a more reasonable range. So 50, 60 mph is fine. I would totally buy one.