This is going to be awesome.

I’m going downtown in a couple hours to see Brooke and Mari bellydance. It’ll be Brooke’s first public performance, and, for the first time, the beginning class is not doing the Waady choreography. This should be good!

After that, I plan to thoroughly enjoy RiverBlast.

Louisville has something like it for the Derby, but I’ve never seen it. I’m really excited about RiverBlast.

Butler says Monday night’s show is the biggest he’s ever put on in 17 years of running Augusta’s July 4th fireworks.

“It’s the biggest and the best,” he said. “I can assure you of that.”

You know, it occurs to me that the best angle for fireworks pictures might be across the river in North Augusta. That way, maybe the downtown buildings could be a backdrop.

Too bad I don’t own a tripod…