Consolidating Evans, creating "Evans-Columbia County"?

Officials are discussing possibly making Evans an official city, and then consolidating it with the rest of Columbia County. This would, I assume, be similar to the Augusta-Richmond County phenomenon.

The Augusta Chronicle has a roundup of opinions from proponents and dissentors. While I don’t know where I stand on the issue, particularly, it’s definitely something to watch, as Sean is interested in living in Columbia County.

I liked this last quote the best:

Augusta City Administrator Fred Russell, however, had some advice.

“I would caution them (Columbia County officials), though, that what little bit I have learned in the past couple of years about consolidated governments is that when it’s good for a city, the state considers us a county. And when it’s good for a county, we seem to be a city,” he said. “There’s a ‘Never Neverland’ there that they need to be real careful about entering.”